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The Intelligent IQ TEST
To properly take this test FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS.

To properly take this IQ test:

  1. Take the test 2 times.
  2. Remember this number to return and have the engine figure your intelligence range. DO NOT ENTER IT IF THIS IS YOUR FIRST TIME TAKING THE TEST. Your test ID# is 3275.
  3. The IQ number shown as the result of the first test is your 'observable intelligence level'
  4. After finishing test 1, leave the IQ test site, and do not think about the test again for a few hours.
  5. Then use your brain to figure out, or solve the test, from memory. Do not save screenshots or page contents to study.
  6. When you think you have the correct answers or solution return to the test.
  7. Enter your test number in the box.
  8. Take the test a second time.
  9. The IQ number you receive the second time is your 'potential intelligence level'.
  10. Your Intelligence Range is the 'mean sum range' between observable and potential intelligence with the 'mean sum' result being your actual IQ Number.

The following IQ test is made of seven questions. It is for demonstration purposes only. A real test would consist of many more questions to be more accurate. There are no instructions on the pages. Questions are implied. What you do with the page is up to you but if you do not complete all seven panels you will not see your results. If you are returning to take the test again enter your test number here. If this is your first test leave this space blank. If you enter a number that is not for your previous test it will render your results useless. If you back up and answer a question again it will destroy your results.

Enter ID ONLY IF This Is The Second Time You Take The Test